Becoming a Sponsor of the EBSI-SIS Career Fair

The event is organized by volunteers from EBSI and SIS and for their students.

In order to ensure that the 2011 edition of the EBSI-SIS Career Fair remains free, we are seeking financial support from sponsors.

In addition to raising your company's profile, sponsoring this event is also a way to support the students' and future graduates' collaboration efforts as well as facilitating their entry into the job market.

  • GOLD ($2,500) - Max: 1
  • SILVER ($1,000) - Max: 4
  • BRONZE ($100-$500 or exchange of services) - Unlimited

$2,500 $1,000 $100-$500 (or exchange of services*)
Career Fair
Promotional banner near the welcome table (provided by the sponsor) YES NO NO
Logo on the sponsors banner (welcome table) YES YES NO
Booth at the Career Fair (if desired) YES NO NO
Participant folder
Promotional material in participant folder (provided by the sponsor) 2 1 To be negotiated
Organization's profile in official program (provided by the sponsor) YES (1 page) YES (½ page) NO
Name and logo on the back of official program YES YES YES
Horizontal banner (468 X 60 pixels) on the home page YES NO NO
Name and logo on Website (under horizontal banner) NO YES
(80 X 80 pixels)
* Please note that any exchange of services must first be approved by one of the event's co-chairs.

Any other reasonable offer will be considered. For example:
  • Participants' lanyards (sponsor's logo)
  • Sponsoring the participants' bag or folder
  • Sponsoring the employers' lunch
  • Sponsoring the students' refreshments
  • Special offers or gift certificates
  • Sponsoring a cocktail or 5 à 7 following the event.
If you like to become a sponsor, please contact us at